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We can use your artwork, or we can create the design you need.
If sending us your artwork, we prefer art created in vector forma
t. We can print from raster files, but the quality is less than vector.

Vector vs. Raster
Computer graphics fall into two main categories - Raster or Vector.

Vector images (above) are made of lines and curves defined by mathematical objects called vectors. These vector points allow the computer to basically play "connect the dots" using straight and curves lines, fills and strokes.

Enlarged, the art looks just as clean as in smaller versions. Vector images are not resolution dependent. We recommend using programs such as Adobe Illustrator & Macromedia FreeHand that produce art in vector format.

Raster images (above) use a grid of colors known as pixels to represent images. Each pixel is assigned a specific location and color value. When working with bitmap images, you edit pixels rather than objects or shapes. Raster images are resolution dependent and lose quality when enlarged. The jaggy lines you see above are the cause of lower quality printing when using a raster image. Color separations for spot color printing are also harder to produce using raster. Adobe Photoshop creates raster files that are used for 4 color process printing and web design. Web graphics are usually low resolution at 72 dpi.